Core Values

We operate under these four pillars to always provide the best experience possible to rental owners and rental guests alike.

About Us

We are a premier property management company in South Carolina, North Carolina & Tennessee, handling all your rental property and vacation rental needs. Our mission is to ensure that all of our property owners and rental customers have the best experiences possible. Using real-time data, we analyze your rental property’s competitiveness in order to properly adjust rental prices to maximize profit while minimizing vacancies.

Charleston Property Management Services

Ratings and reviews

We understand the importance of your ratings and reviews and how one poor experience can significantly affect your bottom line. We are quick to respond to maintenance issues, offer all the amenities guests love at their favorite hotels, and continually seek to make every rental go as flawlessly as possible from booking to checking out and everything in-between. We take out the guesswork with quantitative real-time data to back it up.

Property Management

Short-Term Rental Management

Short-term rentals are a segment of the rental population that requires a special touch. Things should be comfortable, clean, and as close to feeling like home as possible. We ensure that the guest rental experience is everything you hope it will be, and as a rental property owner, we make sure that your ratings and reviews reflect your and our commitment to excellence.

  • CVP beats our competition by 25-30% more income generated o average in the first year of management
  • No long term contracts required

AirBnb and VRBO Management

AirBnb and VRBO rentals are massively impacted by their ratings and reviews. And we understand that just one poor experience can lead to decreased revenue and increased vacancies. Our mission is to ensure both the rental property owner and the renter have the most positive experience; we are as responsive as possible and go the extra mile to compete with your favorite hotel brands.


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At Curated Vacation Properties, we understand that not all realtors have a good grasp on short-term rentals and how to manage them. We help by removing the onus from investment property owners to maximize their profits while minimizing vacancies, using real-time and quantitative data.

We understand that, as a realtor, your clients make their investment decisions based on data. We help your clients understand local regulations, income potential, and take the burden of management off them.

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Each of our
properties includes

Toiletries included (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc..)

Free parkingFree parking on site at every property

Included Bed lines, towels, TP, paper towels, coffee, cream & suger

Drop-off Early Luggage Drop-Off Offered

Check-in/check-out Easy check-in/check-out with our keypad locks

Wifi Free Wifi

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