Don’t Go It Alone – Four Reasons You Are Better Off Hiring an Airbnb Management Company

June 24th, 2022 Josh Hatter
Airbnb Management Company

Just two decades ago, you had to hire a travel agent to find accommodations that you could trust. The internet has revolutionized the way that we plan to travel. But although it is way more convenient, there are many ways you may end up disappointed. Airbnb is an excellent way for property owners and renters to be matched up, but if you don’t have a good online reputation, your rental income can really suffer. If you are considering going without an Airbnb management company, here are four reasons to think twice! Sometimes to save pennies, we end up throwing away dollars.

Cleanliness is a MUST Post-COVID

The cleanliness of a rental property has always been a concern, but now it is an absolute must! COVID has made everyone ultra-sensitive about germs. If something doesn’t look 100% cleaned and refreshed, people worry about illness. A rental property owner needs to be there in between rentals to ensure that everything is spotless or they can suffer from a poor cleanliness rating. That is one of the worst things that you can have on your record!

Loss Protection

Most people have second homes both to rent them out and to enjoy them themselves. Even if your rental is strictly for rental purposes, you have probably invested plenty in decorating and making sure it is fully stocked. If no one is manning the store in between rentals, things can go missing. Over time, those small losses can add up to big costs for you, even dipping into your rental profits!

Stains and Damage

Not only can things disappear, but if someone has an accident and stains something or breaks it, it is possible that someone who doesn’t own the property will miss it. No one is going to care about your things and your house more than you – except for an Airbnb management company in Charleston that is solely responsible for ensuring that your property is protected from those issues that can go unnoticed if someone isn’t watching!

Repairs and Maintenance

For rental property owners who live elsewhere, finding maintenance and repair crews that you can trust to be there when you need them can be problematic. If your vacationers only have a couple of days in your rental and they have to spend the entire time waiting for a repairman to fix something as critical as the refrigerator, that is definitely going to make a poor impression. Hiring a company to ensure that renters have someone to rely on when things go awry is well worth the small cost of hiring someone to manage your rental property!

Sometimes it makes sense to cut corners, and sometimes making poor decisions to save money can end up costing you a fortune. Your rental property is a huge investment, and it only makes sense to make sure your ratings are good to reduce vacancies by having a company be your eyes and ears to protect your property. At CVP, we understand that an Airbnb is an excellent way to generate extra streams of income, but not if you can’t rent out your vacation property. Make sure to keep your ratings strong by hiring us to keep things clean, maintained, and in the best shape. Contact us today to discuss how we can take the hassle of property management off your hands!

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Josh Hatter

By: Josh Hatter

Josh Hatter moved to Charleston from the Washington, DC area in 1999 to complete a Business Administration degree at the College of Charleston. He graduated from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina with an MBA in 2010.

After spending nearly 20 years of his professional career growing businesses primarily supporting the US Navy, he decided to rent a single bedroom out of his home in 2016. Since that single bedroom nearly 6 years ago, he has grown his portfolio into several businesses owning investment short-term rentals both alone and with partners, as well as managing a portfolio of nearly 100 bedrooms for clients to help them meet their long-term investment property goals.

He loves supporting his clients, growing their investments and hosting thousands of guests as they visit Charleston through his property management company, Coastal Vacation Properties.