How Much Do Property Managers Charge?

May 29th, 2023 Josh Hatter
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On average, property management companies charge a management fee equivalent to 8.49% of the total monthly rent. This means if you’re renting out a property for $2,000 per month, you should expect to pay around $169.80 each month for the management service. Additionally, there’s usually a one-time setup fee to initiate the services, which averages around $185.24.

In this article, we will break down the various types of property management services, including full-service and partial-service management, as well as a la carte services.

We’ll discuss how excellent property management can increase your Return on Investment (ROI), and explore the factors affecting short-term rental property management fees such as geographic location, type and size of your rental property, unit volume, specific services rendered, and experience level.

We will also uncover potential hidden costs to be aware of and provide an overview of average property management fees.

In addition, we will share strategies for maximizing ROI for short-term rentals and give tips on finding the right short-term rental property manager.

Types of Property Management Services

Property management is an important part of real estate investing, and understanding the different types of services available can help you make the most of your investments. There are three main types of property management services: full-service, partial-service, and a la carte. 

Full-service property management

Full-service property management is the most comprehensive type of service available. It includes everything from advertising vacancies to collecting monthly rent payments, handling maintenance requests, responding to tenant inquiries, and more. 

Full-service property managers also typically provide legal advice when needed, such as in eviction cases or tenant disputes. This type of service is ideal for busy investors who don’t have time to manage their properties themselves or who want the peace of mind that comes with having a professional handle all aspects of their investments.

Partial-service property management

Partial-service property management focuses on specific tasks such as marketing vacant units, conducting background checks on prospective tenants, and collecting rent payments. 

This type of service is best for investors who want some assistance but don’t need full-time support or who want to save money by only paying for certain services. For example, you may hire a partial-service manager to conduct background checks on prospective tenants but handle all other aspects yourself.

A la carte services

A la carte services allow you to pick and choose which services you need for your particular situation. This type of service is best for experienced owners who are comfortable managing most aspects of their properties but need help with certain tasks, such as finding tenants or dealing with legal issues like evictions or tenant disputes.

When choosing a property manager, it’s important to compare the different types of services offered and determine which one best fits your needs. It’s also crucial to study the cost associated with each type of service and any additional benefits that may be included in the package you choose. By understanding the different types of property management services available, you can decide which one will work best for you and your investment goals.

Increase Your ROI With Excellent Property Management

At Stay CVP, we are a property management company dedicated to helping property owners like you maximize their rental profits and maintain their properties in top condition. 

Our mission is simple: providing the highest quality property management services focusing on ROI and property maintenance. Every property is unique, and you can receive tailored services to meet your property’s specific needs and your investment goals. Whether you’re looking for full-service property management, partial-service management, or a la carte services, we are here to help.

The key to success in the short-term rental market is a strong focus on revenue-building and property maintenance. That’s why we prioritize these factors in everything we do. We work closely with our clients to develop customized management plans to maximize revenue, optimize occupancy rates, and ensure that the property is always in excellent condition.


Factors Affecting Short-Term Rental Property Management Fees

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Various factors can affect the cost of property management. Geographic location, property type, size, number of units managed, specific services needed, and expertise of the property manager, all play a role in determining how much you will be charged for rental property management.

Geographic location

Geographic location is a significant factor in rental property management fees, as it is typically costlier in larger cities than in smaller towns or rural areas. This is due to the higher cost of living in these areas and the increased demand for rental properties.

The type and size of your rental property

The type and size of your rental property also affect how much you will spend on property management. Larger properties with more units tend to require more time and effort from the property manager, which can result in higher fees.

Unit Volume

The number of units managed by a single property manager is another factor that affects fees. Property managers who manage multiple units may offer discounts for multiple properties at once or charge a flat fee per unit instead of a percentage fee based on monthly rent collected.

Specific Services Rendered

The specific services needed also play a role in determining how much you will be charged for rental property management. Services such as tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and legal compliance require additional time and effort from your property manager, which can result in higher fees.

Experience Level

The level of experience and expertise of your chosen property manager is another factor that affects rental property management fees. Property managers with more experience typically charge higher rates than those with less experience due to their knowledge and understanding of local laws and regulations and ability to manage tenants and properties more effectively.

Hidden Costs

Hidden costs such as late payment penalties or tenant placement fees should also be considered when calculating your total rental property management services cost. These charges are often not included in the initial fee structure but can add up quickly if not accounted for beforehand.

Average Property Management Fees

The national average for property management fees is 8-12% of the monthly rental value plus expenses. This fee covers services such as tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and legal compliance. Some property management companies may also offer additional services like marketing and leasing for an additional fee.

When comparing different property management companies, looking at their service level and fees associated with each service is critical. Some companies may charge a flat rate, while others may charge a percentage of the monthly rent or a combination of both. Also, ask about any additional fees like setup or late payment fees.

Negotiating property management fees with certain companies is possible if you are willing to commit to a long-term contract or provide other incentives. Be sure to ask about any discounts or special offers that may be available before hiring a property manager.

Maximizing ROI for Short-Term Rentals

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Property management fees can have a significant impact on revenue and profitability. With the right property management company you can strategically optimize occupancy throughout the year – even during low season.

If your rental property has high occupancy rates, you may be able to negotiate lower fees with your property manager. On the other hand, if your rental has low occupancy rates or is vacant for long periods, you may pay more in fees due to additional services required from the manager.

To maximize ROI for short-term rentals, you must explore strategic ways to reduce property management fees. One way is by taking on some tasks that would normally be handled by the property manager, such as advertising and marketing vacancies or minor repairs and maintenance issues. However, remember that a professional manager will be well versed in these domains, and potentially more efficient at performing these roles for you.  

Finding the Right Short-Term Rental Property Manager

Finding the right short-term rental property manager is essential for any vacation rental owner. Property managers can help you maximize profits, manage guest inquiries and bookings, and maintain your property. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

When selecting a property manager, there are several key factors to consider. First, look at the company’s experience in managing short-term rentals. It’s essential to find someone who understands the unique needs of vacation rental owners and has a proven track record of success. Second, ensure they offer services that meet your needs – from marketing and guest communication to maintenance and cleaning. Third, check their availability – do they provide 24/7 support? Finally, compare fees and services between different companies to ensure you get the best value.

Look for someone trained in hospitality management or real estate law so they understand local regulations and best practices for running a successful business. Some states require property managers to be licensed or certified by an accredited organization such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).

How Can Stay CVP Help?

With many years of experience in the short-term rental market, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and build successful rental businesses. The best way to increase your ROI and care for your property is by engaging the experts with proven industry knowledge and experience to help you meet your goals (and take management off your shoulders!). We stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, so you can be confident that you are getting the most current and effective solutions for your rental property.

Ready to maximize your short-term rental profits and property maintenance? Contact Stay CVP today to learn more about our ROI-focused property management services!


Overall, the success of your short-term rental property will rely heavily on the quality of your property management. By taking the time to find the right manager and understanding the factors that impact property management fees, you can maximize your profits and ensure the success of your investment.

To succeed, owners should also focus on maintaining a good relationship with their property manager and staying up-to-date with local regulations and trends in the short-term rental market. By doing this, owners can ensure their rental is always in high demand and generate the maximum revenue.

Josh Hatter

By: Josh Hatter

Josh Hatter moved to Charleston from the Washington, DC area in 1999 to complete a Business Administration degree at the College of Charleston. He graduated from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina with an MBA in 2010.

After spending nearly 20 years of his professional career growing businesses primarily supporting the US Navy, he decided to rent a single bedroom out of his home in 2016. Since that single bedroom nearly 6 years ago, he has grown his portfolio into several businesses owning investment short-term rentals both alone and with partners, as well as managing a portfolio of nearly 100 bedrooms for clients to help them meet their long-term investment property goals.

He loves supporting his clients, growing their investments and hosting thousands of guests as they visit Charleston through his property management company, Coastal Vacation Properties.